About Me

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I’m Coralie, a trainee speech and language therapist with a passion for sensory storytelling and a deep interest in dementia care. I spent my spare time at university volunteering on art projects for the elderly, and on reminiscence sessions in care homes. When I first heard about sensory storytelling, I was excited.

Sensory storytelling is a well-established way of connecting people with learning disabilities to the world around them, and to the people they share the stories with. I saw the benefits of sensory stories in action while working in a complex needs school, and was keen to see if sensory storytelling could benefit people living with dementia.

I found out about the incredible work of Jo Grace – who helped me write and make available my first sensory story pack via her fantastic Sensory Story Project – and Rebecca Leighton, a speech and language therapist working on sensory Life Stories for individuals living with dementia.

I believe that sensory storytelling has real potential to improve the well-being, interaction and relationships of people living with dementia, and I started the ReminiSense project to encourage people living and working with people who have dementia to discover the benefits. I really hope you find the site interesting and useful, and that you are inspired to share stories with all your senses.