Story Packs

You can buy and download story packs here. All story packs include a sensory story, detailed advice on how to share the story effectively, a list of things you will need to tell the story and ideas for further activities and reminiscence.

ReminiSense sensory stories do not come with sensory objects – instead they come with instructions for finding (and sometimes making) simple,everyday items to use in the story. Sourcing the objects for the story yourself gives you the opportunity to make any changes or add any personal touches you feel are appropriate for your particular listener(s). If you are looking for sensory stories that come ready with all the items resourced for you, you may want to visit Bag Books. This wonderful charity provides multi-sensory books for people who have learning disabilities.

Story Pack Titles                                                                                        

beside the seaside

Beside the Seaside: A Sensory Story


Beside the Seaside: A story about a trip to the seaside, celebrating a wonderful British holiday tradition.  Buy now






ve day

VE Day: A Sensory Story


VE Day: A story commemorating the anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. It is designed to honour the memories of those who experienced the war, and to celebrate their bravery and spirit. Buy now





Off to the Sweet shop: A Sensory Story


Off to the Sweet Shop: A story capturing the excitement and pleasure of a childhood visit to the sweet shop. Buy now







Gardening: A Sensory Story


Gardening: A metaphor for caring for someone with a progressive illness, ‘Gardening’ is a story about retaining hope through hard times and cherishing good days when they come. Buy now.





Going Dancing

  Going Dancing: A Sensory Story


Going Dancing: A story about a Saturday night dance that brings excitement and romance to a young couple in the 1950s. Buy now.





You may also be interested in Wildlife in the City, a sensory story pack I wrote with Jo Grace for The Sensory Story Projects.